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In the days leading up to SHOT Show 2016 I was making preparations like other attendees.  I had been given fair warning that the 4 day event was hard on your feet, knees and ankles as the area to cover is quite large.  I decided to purchase some new comfortable walking shoes and went to my local shoe store.  I had decided on a decent looking pair of Sketchers that were constructed in a way that made me think they would last longer than just the 4 days of SHOT.


Day 1 for me as Media was on the range.  After being on my feet without lunch for over half the day, I could tell my feet, legs, knees and most importantly my shins were starting to fatigue.

Now, my new shoes were fine as they were very soft and had good cushioning.  I just assumed that because I had been on my feet all morning without sitting that I was starting to hurt.  Also, I had been on a hard surface at that!  I was starting to dread the rest of the show because I knew my legs were going to be sore and painful.

I’m no slouch, I started running in 2015 and running 10 miles is something I can do.  I’m not light so to speak, but moving and being up on my feet does not bother me as I do not tire easily.  Cardio and moving is something I love, so being tired just over half way through day 1 was a concern.

At this point I saw the Superfeet booth and decided I would stop by.  To be honest, I was not really that interested in the products because I have not had good success with insoles in the past, but they had an inviting chair and the representative was a nice guy.  I sat down and he requested I stand on his insole, which I did.  I was surprised as it seemed to relieve the tension from my calves and shins and the muscles around my knee relaxed!  He asked to take a look at my (BRAND NEW) sketchers so I handed him the shoe.  He ripped the sole out and used it as a template to trim a Superfeet insole and replaced mysole with a Superfeet one.  I was admittedly annoyed, what if this sucked and I had to live with it for the next 4 days, not to mention he pulled the sole out of my shoe that was NEW!

Well, he ended up replacing both of my insoles, handed me a card and wished me a merry day.  I started moving and realized real quick that he made my already decent shoes, perfect.  They were much easier on my body and I was very surprised how my feet felt at the end of the day.  While fatigued, I was not sore.  My shins, knees, and legs were all reasonably sore as they should have been, but not due to my shoes.  The insoles did a great job of taking away tension.

The insoles he gave me were the green ones designed for hunting and hiking called the “Guide”.  They did a good job of keeping my feet warm on range day, and did not overheat my feet when inside.  I spent the next 3 days on hard concrete floors, and even though there was carpet it is still concrete.  I managed to stay hydrated (this is quite the feat for SHOT) and not have cramps or leg issues for the entire 4 days I was there.  I fully attribute my leg and foot comfort for the duration I was in SHOT to the insoles in my shoes.  The shoes were nice, but these insoles really saved me.

The Guide insoles can be found on the Superfeet website here.  With a retail price of $49.95, they are a little expensive for insoles.  With that said, I will be adding a set to most of the shoes I wear.  My wife has a bad case of PF, and Superfeet has a set of insoles that are specifically for her.  I am planning on getting her a set and seeing if that will help her with her runs.  No matter the type of running, walking, trails, hiking or moving you do, Superfeet has you covered.  Check out their website, they have some great products.  guide



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