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Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – We had a great day on the water with this group for the second day. The kids had a blast, and there was never a dull moment with this group! The kids caught a little bit of everything – speckled trout, black drum, and sheepshead! They had two full days of fun in the sun, and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! I know I did!


SUNDAY – July 15th

Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – Today turned out being a slow day for us out on the water, but today’s group of four out of the Tony M. party managed to pull together a small box of fish. Conditions were quite warm, and winds were low most all day, but the bite never increased throughout the day.

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – It seems as thought the fish may have been on vacation here along the middle Texas coast the past few days, but my crew caught a few and it was our newbie that had the most luck, boating his first, second and I think third-ever speckled trout! What a way to break someone new into the sport of coastal fishing. We couldn’t have asked for anything nicer!


MONDAY – July 16th

Capt. Todd Jones – It’s always fun to see kids catching fish! The young guys took some really nice trout this morning, as well as redfish to 24-inches! They showed the older members of today’s crew how things are supposed to be done! It was a fine day all the way around!

TUESDAY – July 17th

Capt. Doug Russell – We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but today was a blast! My party of three from the Dale S. party really enjoyed themselves! They caught some of the best trout I’ve seen in the past few weeks. I hope Wednesday’s just as good!


Capt. Stephen Boriskie – Crazy winds early let up and allowed a more gentlemanly late morning bite as my guys brought a maxed-out trout limit onboard today. Good stuff all the way around at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina.

Capt. Cody Spencer – We had another solid day of catching today with my group of three from the Adrian C. party that’s visiting the lodge. Today was the first of two days with these guys, and if today is any indication of things to come, their trip tomorrow morning may just be another day of full trout limits! We’ll keep our fingers crossed!


Capt. Todd Jones – Any day wade fishing is a good day! Catching fish for most of that time is a bonus! Frank and Bradley, first-time visitors at Bay Flats Lodge, recognized a nice box of trout and redfish as they experienced some quality time out on the water doing what they enjoy most!

WEDNESDAY – July 18th

Capt. Doug Russell – Today was day two of fun with these guys, and the fish coordinated quite well. Tuesday was good, but today may have been even better, as the trout looked like they may have grown a bit overnight. Or, maybe these guys just know how to do things the right way! Either way, we’ve seen two days of great trout fishing, and hopefully will continue to do so in the last days of July. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens! Good luck everyone!



It’s summertime in Texas, and it’s a time of extremely hot days, warm nights, and winds that may vary from anything just shy of howling to that of an absolutely stifling dead calm. Surface water temperatures have reached the 80’s and 90’s, and trout-green water is often not difficult to locate, as long as you’re not combating a horrific breeze.

Bay Flats guests have been landing a lot of fish as of late, with a lot of recent catches taking place above bottom structure like that of “summertime oyster”. That’s right! The oyster beds occupying San Antonio Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay, and Mesquite Bay have produced numbers of speckled trout and redfish whenever the wind and water conditions are correct. And unlike a lot of those who enjoy soaking live bait for these fish of the shell, many coastal anglers prefer tossing artificial baits – anything from bottom dwelling plastics, to slow sinkers, to surface walkers.

When fishing amongst open-bay shell, anglers should start their morning really early, stealthily approaching the leeward side of the reef and anchoring just as quietly as possible prior to any hint of sunrise. Walking-the-dog with one of your favorite top waters in the darkness of the morning before the sun has a chance to re-heat the waters that have cooled overnight. If the wind is calm, present a small surface lure like a Super Spook Junior or Skitter Walk Junior so as to not make any unnecessary disturbances in the otherwise calm water. If the wind is pumping, toss one of your big top water baits and work it back to you across the wind, thereby presenting a more natural bait action over that of simply retrieving “upwind” or “downwind” across the surface.

As soon as the sun rises, start throwing sub-surface lures. Focus on the lower portion of the water column where the fish will be hanging out prior to the heat of the day. If you don’t draw a strike within the first 10-15 minutes, rig for bottom action with one of your favorite plastic tails – these baits have continued to be producers over the years, and thus should be in every tackle box. This is a typical routine for a lot of artificial enthusiasts on days when they setup wade sessions amongst mid-bay oyster during summer months. However, everyone has their own way of doing things, so do what comes natural to you, and whatever you have the highest confidence in. Good luck out there, be safe, and have fun!

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Capt. Chris Martin, and his wife Deb, permanently reside in Seadrift, Texas. They are the proud owners and operators of Bay Flats Lodge, which overlooks the pristine waters of San Antonio Bay.





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