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  • Coker Boys fish Matagorda back lakes

    Coker Boys fish Matagorda back lakes

    We love fishing the back lakes of Matagorda Island for trout and redfish. Typically, we start off fishing the shorelines with top-waters. My personal favorite is a bone Super Spook Junior. As the day heats up, we either wade out to deeper water or set up on the cuts and drains. Typically we change out…

  • Seadrift, TX. Wading

    Seadrift, TX. Wading

    This week was met with some ups and downs. We had a few decent days of fishing, but then the winds became more than we wanted to deal with, so some of our repeat groups opted to pick another day in the summer. With these strong winds, we had to pay attention each day as…

  • Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing; 5/6/22

    Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing; 5/6/22

    Hey Folks, We were down for a couple weeks, but it feels good to be back on the water this past week after getting the new boat rigged and ready. We saw a lot of changes in just a short span. From near Coastal Flood Advisories to a tide that is now about a foot…

  • Port Mansfield, TX. Wade Fishing Report

    Port Mansfield, TX. Wade Fishing Report

    This round of Port Mansfield was met with the right weather and lower tides. With these fronts stacking up every 5-6 days the water temperature is holding which is more conducive to trigger bigger trout to feed. We lost a few days because of the strong north winds, but the pre front and post front…

  • Cedar Bayou Report

    Cedar Bayou Report

    Just can’t stay away from the saltwater. When dad called and said he was heading to Cedar Bayou in the morning, I couldn’t help myself. We met at a foggy boat ramp and eased across the bay. Once we got in the bayou and parked the boat, it was a short 500 yard walk to…

  • Seadrift, TX. Wading Report

    Seadrift, TX. Wading Report

    Late summer falling tide strategy worked for some better trout and handful of redfish today. Fish were caught on a variety of baits from topwater, MirrOlure, Down South Lures, and Double D’s. We had trout up to 5#’s and all our fish were released to fight another day. Capt. Nathan Beabout Cell:(210)452-9680 nmsportsmansadventures.com

  • Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing

    Seadrift, TX. Wade Fishing

    This is what it’s about right here. These 11 and 12 year old buddies say they’ve been fishing together since they were 5 and 6. Imagine what kind of sticks they will be in 20 years. Their lure selection, knots, retrieves and simple handling of fish was impressive to watch. Today we had trout up…

  • Seadrift, TX. Report

    Seadrift, TX. Report

    Another fun day on the water! We were blessed in another area of our bay system. We located rafts of mullet and glass minnows early, and walked into a bite. Being on the backside of the full moon, the bite tappered off mid morning. With just a few redfish playing in the early afternoon. Soft…

  • Seadrift Fishing Report

    Seadrift Fishing Report

    Good day back in Seadrift, TX. We got lucky with the rain, and just had a few small showers pass over. We found trout at most every wade, but a few wades were better than others. These trout seemed to be hanging around areas with smaller sized mullet concentrations. Not much happening in areas with…

  • Port Mansfield Trophy Trout Report

    Port Mansfield Trophy Trout Report

    Capt. Nathan Beabout catches Trophy Trout at Port Mansfield!

  • Seadrift Report

    Seadrift Report

    Not a bad way to start the morning! Couple solid trout and a healthy flounder. Working windward banks throwing DSL’s white ice and strawberry wine. Everything is getting to swim to fight another day. The redfish started feeding around 10:30, and was best on blue moon and dirty tequila. Capt. Nathan Beabout Cell: (210) 452-9680…

  • Seadrift Trout Report

    Seadrift Trout Report

    Started before sun up wading for trout with DSL’s chicken of the c, on the oyster shell. The trout weren’t wanting to play nice today. So as the winds slicked off we decided to go chase pods of reds. The first shoreline we pulled up to had reds in small groups, and singles crawling down…