Enlightenment Enough at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina


THURSDAY – June 7th

Capt. Steve Boldt – This was a fabulous day on the water. My long time BFL guests not only caught their limit of trout, but one of them also managed a Texas slam (trout, redfish, & flounder), as well. To put the icing on the cake, they ended the day by producing a big 27.5-inch summertime sow before heading back to the marina. It was a solid day!


FRIDAY – June 8th

Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – My crew of three from the Russell C. party started their day off right this morning by getting into the fish right at sunrise. You could barely tell that the sun was about to make its appearance when the first rod doubled over and the first fight of the day was underway. The rest of the day consisted of a mixture of trout and black drum, with each event supplying it’s own amount of adrenaline and excitement for everyone in the boat. We used live shrimp today instead of croaker, but it didn’t seem to make a big difference to the fish – they loved it!


Capt. Stephen Boriskie – Now then, you know it’s a solid fish when the rod breaks (or else the guide has weakened rods)? Really had some fun on Day #1 with this crew and got their trout limits in time for an afternoon nap, followed by the best appetizers in Texas and a meal that would make you slap your mama.


Capt. Jeremy McClelland – The trout were hungry for live croaker today, so we fed them all they could eat! It was a wonderful day for my group of three guests from the Randy E. party, as there was a lot of trout action that everyone got a seemingly equal part of. We’re into the summertime pattern now, and there are some big trout being landed on a much more regular basis. If you haven’t booked your summertime fishing trip with us yet, give us a call soon to make your reservations. Have fun everyone!


Capt. Todd Jones – Today I was fortunate to have a newcomer aboard who has never fished in saltwater, not caught any of our varieties of fish. Today, on his first saltwater trip, Warren caught his first-ever trout, and all was right with the world! Not only was this Warren’s first speckled trout while fishing for the first time in saltwater, he also managed to have the trout measure out at nearly 22-inches.



by: Randy Brown – BFL Manager

Bay Flats Lodge is a business, but the foundation of that business is connection. We like to think of this connection as two-fold: we place people in the outdoors to connect them with nature – with the flora and fauna of the beautiful and wild gulf coast. And, we place people in connection with each other, to foster old relationships and to build new ones. These trips take many shapes; we have hosted family trips, team building trips, bachelor parties, business trips and anniversary trips just to name a few, and at the center of all of them is connection. However, what I want to remind you of today is that connection is not always fun and easy. While we love to post pictures of smiling and laughing people, we know those smiles might be fleeting, and the laughter brief.

We invite you to come and connect with us. Whether it’s on the water, in the deer blind, down in the mud, or around our table, you’re so very welcome. We love the smiles and the laughter we get to share with all of you, but we also know that there’s heart we can’t behind that smile, and we want to be part of helping people cope with the drama and damage life throws at all of us.

“Maybe that’s enlightenment enough: to know there is no final resting place of the mind; no moment of smug clarity. Perhaps wisdom… is realizing how small I am, and unwise, and how far I have yet to go” – Anthony Bourdain

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Capt. Chris Martin, and his wife Deb, permanently reside in Seadrift, Texas. They are the proud owners and operators of Bay Flats Lodge, which overlooks the pristine waters of San Antonio Bay.





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