Southwest Wind Presents Challenges at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

July 30, 2018


THURSDAY – July 26th

Capt. Doug Russell – This morning we were presented with a lot less wind than usual, which allowed us to do a couple things we’re normally not able to do when the wind is blowing. All of this resulted in us being able to locate the trout bite early in the day while it was still cool. My crew of three ended their morning with a 3-man trout limit and a bonus big red. Maybe the redfish are back to stay – we’ve seen some nice ones over the past few days! We’ll keep our fingers crossed! Come on down and get in on some of the action!


Capt. Todd Jones – Today was a good day on the water with Gage and Jerry. A phone call from Capt. Billy, and a hungry school of redfish, saved the day for us! Our cell phone camera, however, didn’t do justice to this morning’s sunrise over the bay – I’ve never seen the sun so red! It was beautiful!


FRIDAY – July 27th

Capt. Todd Jones – The redfish bite was a little slower to start the morning, so we went out a little deeper to play with their cousins. We got in the middle of a huge school of oversized black drum, that were literally banging off the side of the boat. After a combined time of right at an hour, each guy boated one between 37 and 40 inches. We took some quick photos, and then they were released to fight another day. We made a short stop before heading in that ended up yielding my guys five redfish to 27-inches, and one lone 17-inch black drum. It was a beautiful day on the water!


SATURDAY – July 28th

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – Day 2 with these gentlemen in the construction industry had us hoping today would be somewhat as good as yesterday, and we must be living right because they boxed their trout limits early! This can be a very productive bay system for clean, wonderful Speckled Trout, and I am thrilled to have been able to entertain these guys and share our bounty with them. This is a very good example of why we at Bay Flats Lodge are partnering with CCA Texas and their Building Conservation Trust to help improve our already healthy bays, estuaries and gulf. Please join us in our efforts to do what we can now, because tomorrow is not guaranteed – we have the responsibility to act now!


Capt. Kevin Matula – It’s not often that I get a group of waders that prefer to chunk lures but it happened with this group. I knew these guys were the real deal when I couldn’t even get the power pole set and they were asking if they could get out and start fishing. We had a stellar first day and a mediocre second day. The top water bite was pretty much a no-go, but plastics produced for us on both Friday and Saturday.


Capt. Todd Jones – Half-day Saturday afternoon trip with Blaine and Colter, and Mother Nature gave us about an hour before the winds really picked up. They made the most of a fast and furious redfish bite, boxing four solid fish up to 28-inches, countless reds just under the slot, and two bonus black drum. We will be back out again for a half-day on Sunday morning, with calmer winds in the forecast.



If you live along our Texas coast and have enjoyed the sport of coastal angling to any degree, then you have experienced the effect of tidal activity. And if you’re like most, you have probably seen the ramifications that any one type of tide can have on your fishing results. There is one particular condition that typically keeps our coastal inshore tides from reaching their normal levels, and that is a southwest wind.

A strong southwest wind, like that which we have been experiencing most recently, diminishes the flow of water in and out our bay systems (and even less flow in and out of the back bay areas). This creates lower than normal tide levels, which generally is not advantageous for fishing – a low tide often shuts down the bite here along our middle portion of the Texas coast.

Although these major low tides have presented a somewhat challenging fish-catching situation, our Bay Flats Lodge guides have not allowed them to ruin the fishing day for our lodge guests. These lower than normal tides are unavoidable, and are something the guides have all learned to successfully compete with.

Low tide conditions signal to an experienced angler the opportunity to fish deeper channels or potholes that generally wouldn’t be a consideration under normal circumstances. Anglers can fish such areas out of a boat, or while wading, and can often do quite well since lower water levels routinely place all the fish is a much smaller area. Many of the flats that are commonly popular during normal tide levels will be void of water, so you’ll do well by fishing nearby guts and channels that drain off of the flats area into deeper water. That, accompanied by the presence of baitfish, is almost a sure-shot method at overcoming the doldrums of low tide fishing. Good luck, and keep grindin’!

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Capt. Chris Martin, and his wife Deb, permanently reside in Seadrift, Texas. They are the proud owners and operators of Bay Flats Lodge, which overlooks the pristine waters of San Antonio Bay.





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