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April 26, 2018


The Late Spring Pattern

The past couple weeks have shown us two minor frontal passages that cooled things down more than anticipated. During cooler times, marine life activity slows to somewhat of a crawl. The metabolism of the game fish shifts into low gear and the fish reduce the amount of energy they expend – for doing anything like feeding, and even swimming. In slowing down their feeding patterns they reserve whatever small amount of energy they may have so they can utilize it for brief, violent, thrusts upon unsuspecting food sources – and baitfish are none the different. Like the game fish, their bodies also slow down, as do their activities. This is the reason why you normally don’t see a lot of baitfish, at least not in numbers, scurrying along the surface of the water once temperatures fall. But don’t let that fool you, as they’re there. They’re often just below the surface, and often in numbers, but you don’t notice them because they aren’t running for their lives due to the inactivity of the larger game fish. Be certain that any baitfish activity, whatsoever, that you may witness during these cooler periods should signal to you the presence of game fish.

With these recent mood swings in the weather along our coast, fishing can sometimes become hit or miss on any given day, and locating bait activity during these changing conditions can mean the difference between success and failure. To ignite the opportunities at hand, there are a few things anglers can do in order to take full advantage of these changing times. Train yourself to study and document the altering and varying patterns associated with the environmental and biological transitions. For example, wind direction shall start becoming predominantly southern in origin during spring as the wind speeds become enhanced by the rising offshore Gulf water temperatures. So, begin taking mental note of areas that tend to produce the greatest on southerly winds.

Also, learn to recognize the need to be at a particular place while operating under certain weather conditions or where to be at the right time of the day. Impress upon yourself the fact that you do not need to spend precious time in areas that haven’t sufficiently produced for you under your current weather and wind conditions. Also, remember to consistently maintain focus on the task at hand. If it’s size you’re after instead of mere quantity then direct your emphasis on what it’s going to take in order to realize a trophy. Keep grinding when everyone else takes a break from the action, and you might just find yourself recognizing your personal best-ever springtime trophy. Remember to practice CPR, “Catch, Photo, and Release”, whenever possible on trophy Trout and Reds.

This Week’s Featured Article:

Big and Small

By Randy Brown – BFL Manager

There is greatness to be found in both the large, and the small. No one will argue that the grandeur of a mountain is breathtaking. On the other hand, the beauty of a small flower blossom can be just as overwhelming. A newborn fawn can be just as mesmerizing as a buck that scores over 200 points. Greatness is found in both the immense, and in the tiny.

For the past few weeks Bay Flats Lodge has been full. Large corporate groups have made the place ring with laughter every night of the week, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. You won’t find any complaints here about having a full house, but we do also enjoy those nights of just a few guests, a little more subdued atmosphere, and a more intimate setting.

So, when you book your trip with us, you may be part of a big night or a small one. Either way, we’ll be glad to have you, and you can plan a great experience!


Upcoming Events

May 17th – Combat Marine Outdoors

Their program serves as a vehicle to demonstrate to these Marines, Sailors, and other service members that there are tens of thousands of patriotic Americans who truly care about these brave warriors and are willing to show their appreciation and support by providing once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures in some of the most incredible places in the world. It will be our honor and our privilege to host the members of such a fine organization.

CCA Texas – S.T.A.R. Tournament 2018

May 26th through September 3rd, 2018

This year we are rolling out our brand new CCA Texas Guides Division. The addition of this division DOES NOT affect any other part of the tournament and guides are still ineligible in other divisions. It is the hope of Texas STAR and CCA Texas to be able to reward Texas fishing guides who support marine conservation, and empower them to help recruit more anglers into the CCA mission through this new division. The division winner will be taking home a new 26′ Mowdy Cat, Mercury 225hp ProXS OptiMax outboard, and custom Coastline trailer.

BFL’s Fishing Specials:

August’s “Beat the Heat” Fishing Special

*** Live Bait NOT Included ***

2 Guests Per Boat = $ 368.00 Per Guest

3 Guests Per Boat = $ 300.00 Per Guest

4 Guests Per Boat = $ 282.00 Per Guest

Includes (per guest):

  • Overnight Lodging and Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax
  • Dinner – Complete with two appetizers, complimentary wine and dessert
  • Hot Breakfast Buffet
  • Boat Lunch – Complete with sandwich, chips, cookies, soft drinks and water
  • Fish Processing

BFL’s Grass Roots Wade Fishing with Lures Special

When you book 3 wading with artificial bait trips, you will receive your 4th wading with artificial bait trip FREE.

– The 4th FREE trip ONLY includes one free full-day of wade fishing with artificial baits for 4 anglers in one boat.

– The 4th FREE trip does NOT include free lodging and meals.

– One full-day of wade fishing with artificial bait constitutes one trip toward your goal.

– All trips must be taken prior to December 31, 2018.

– Offer not valid on trips booked prior to April 1, 2018; only valid on trips booked between April 1, 2018, and December 15, 2018

Here’s What Some of Our Recent Guests Had To Say…

Capt. Kevin Matula was a truly great guide – extremely helpful and conversational!

Zach W. 2/25/18

Capt. Nick Dahlman is a nice, sincere young man, and a pleasure to fish and visit with!

Mark H. 4/25/18

There is nowhere like Bay Flats, and no staff like your staff! Period! End of story! THE BEST! The front of the house is what makes or breaks a business. It is not just about how well they do their assigned job, it is also about their ability to engage client after client, quickly identifying commonalities, and maintaining engagement for an extended period of time. Capt. Cooper Hartmann – all I will say is NEVER let him get away! He put us on A PLETHORA of fish, rolled with our crazy conversations, had great music, and instantly had us feeling like we had known him for years. Again, NEVER let him go! The food – OH MY GAWD, SOOO GOOD! From appetizers to dinner YAAAAS! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and y’all KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK! The ladies serving, preparing, serving, greeting – they are PRICELESSS and I found myself feeling like we were in a friend’s home for each meal! EXCELLENCE! Gorgeous! Pristine! FANTASTIC! Thank y’all for being my favorite place on earth! – Lori H. 2/25/18


Five-Day Weather Forecast

Thursday 0 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Cloudy early, becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon. High 76F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.

Friday 10 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High 82F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday 20 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High near 80F. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday 10 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Partly cloudy skies. High 79F. Winds ESE at 10 to 20 mph.

Monday 10 % Precip. / 0.0 in

Cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 79F. Winds SE at 15 to 25 mph.


Offshore flow will weaken through Thursday afternoon. Winds will briefly veer to the east on Thursday night, but another surge of high pressure will shift the winds back to the northeast again on Friday. Onshore flow is expected to return Saturday and strengthen to a moderate flow on Sunday.

Coastal Water Temperature:

Port Aransas 73.9 degrees

Seadrift 79.0 degrees

Matagorda Bay 77.0 degrees

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Capt. Chris Martin, and his wife Deb, permanently reside in Seadrift, Texas. They are the proud owners and operators of Bay Flats Lodge, which overlooks the pristine waters of San Antonio Bay.





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