Trout-Green Water at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

August 13, 2018


THURSDAY – Aug 9th

Capt. Cody Spencer – Today was Day #2 with this group of three friends that made up the Rusty K. party. Yesterday presented us with rain and a slow bite, so we were hoping for a much better day today, and that’s exactly what we received. The guys had steady action all day long while catching speckled trout, jack crevalle, and even shark. It turned out being a very interesting trip with these guys from the Smithville area! Hope we’re able to do it again soon!


MONDAY – Aug 13th

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – Thanks to Mike C. who has trusted BFL multiple times each year over the past decade by bringing his 20+ customers each time for a more personal and relaxing way to talk business, and to catch fish at the same time. Old school ways of doing business are sometimes the best way! Take Brian here, for example, shown holding a 27.75″ redfish that he landed today. Add to this today’s near limit of hard to find speckled trout and you know why these guys return time and time again. We are approaching one of the most productive times of the month, and the year, so get on the books and make the short drive from almost anywhere in Texas. I have plenty of dates open for you and your guests, so call Angie or Randy at 1-888-677-4868 to get your fishing trip of a lifetime booked now!


Capt. Cody Spencer – This morning was a wade fishing with croaker trip that started out really well, but we got chased out of our first spot by a couple of very curious gators. We changed locations and, consequently, stumbled upon a few trout in the mid 20-inch range. The guys started seeing overall steady action, which ended the day on a positive note!


Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – We had a great day today with dads and sons fishing together for one last outing before school starts. The kids had a big time today catching lots of trout, redfish, and black drum. Everyone got in on the action, and everyone enjoyed the time together while out on the water.



If you’re the typical avid coastal angler, you keep abreast of the latest developments and success stories via daily or weekly fishing reports. In doing so, you have probably noticed that some of the reports have stated how slow the fishing may have become on certain days throughout the past few weeks. Regardless, and in addition to the somewhat lower tides these past few weeks, our BFL guests have been fortunate in their recognition of consistent catches on an almost daily basis, some of which have been just downright impressive in spite of the lower tides and higher temperatures. Below are a few ideas you might consider in order to help you catch more fish during slow periods.

One thing you should always try to remember is to key on swimming pods of bait, and to make other such logical observations. For example, look to see if you see any jellyfish in the area. Water temperatures in locations holding jellyfish tend to be extremely warm – even hot. Recent productive water temperatures have been 82-84 degrees during the first two hours of daylight each morning. The first fish is generally being landed at sunrise in nearly chest deep water over sand and grass. A second important element is to locate trout-green water. And a third factor to remember is the importance of not moving after catching your first solid fish – simply don’t do it! You might find that you cast 30-40 times without a hit, and then all of a sudden everyone’s line will get attacked. Grind it out!

In the upcoming month of September, the redfish will start schooling in large pods along our area shorelines. Look for explosive splashes, and the familiar fleeing of baitfish accompanied by large fanning tails. Additionally, keep an eye peeled for the presence of fleeing shrimp – this is a great way to sight cast to September “BIGs”. A longtime favorite top water lure in September is a pink Skitter Walker rigged with single hooks instead of the factory-installed treble hooks. These single hooks allow you to unhook your catch faster, and they also tend to work somewhat like a weed-less hook. Cast ahead of the moving reds, walking-the-dog as you advance your surface walker upon the pod. Hang on as you make your approach in this manner, as the fight will be on. Plastic tails rigged with 1/8-ounce heads also work well for these fish, especially over hard, sandy shorelines that are commonly mixed with small beds of grass and undulations. Go get ’em!

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Capt. Chris Martin, and his wife Deb, permanently reside in Seadrift, Texas. They are the proud owners and operators of Bay Flats Lodge, which overlooks the pristine waters of San Antonio Bay.





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