Wade Fishing in June at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina

June 14, 2018


MONDAY – June 11th

Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – Today we were tossing live croaker at them, and it turned out becoming somewhat of a slower day for the bite. The day had a good ending, however, as the trout that we did manage to bring to the boat were, for the most part, very nice (a bit bigger than usual). My guests had to work hard for what they got today, but they went home very happy and satisfied!


Capt. Kevin Matula – Saturday and Sunday were a couple good days with this group. We fished out of the boat on Saturday, and then waded on Sunday. Wading on Sunday proved to be a very good call because the wind was howling! Saturday’s boat efforts showed us a three-man trout limit, along with a couple terrific redfish. Sunday’s wading session produced a two-man limit of some fairly impressive and good-sized trout. It was a blast!

TUESDAY – June 12th

Capt. Stephen Boriskie – To the nines so they say? Guess so, since the group of guests that I fished with on Monday had 9 trout, and then today’s party also ended their day with 9 trout! Grinding them out daily at Bay Flats Lodge Resort & Marina.


Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – Today was Day #2 for my crew from the Rusty W. party, and they made the most of the time they had left. We rigged everyone with live croaker this morning, and a lot of really nice fish were caught as a result. The temperature was hot, but the day was simply beautiful!

Capt. Kevin Matula – It was good times the last couple days with this group’s first time to the lodge. The wind was really blowing, but it didn’t dampen these guy’s spirits. They caught plenty of fish both days, and David caught his first-ever redfish. Congrats to him!

Capt. Todd Jones – Redemption! Two days of wade fishing fun with guests Rusty, David, and Fletcher. Day #1 was a bit of a struggle with the strong winds, ending the day with 10 trout and a solid redfish. Day #2 had us changing locations, the wind still blew, but the guys put in the work and finished out a solid box of trout with several in the 19″-20″ range, and two redfish up to 24″. Thanks to Capt. Billy for the report that helped finish out their fish. David won the “big catch and release” award for the day, bringing in a 40″ Jack Crevalle after a twenty minute battle. A few photos and he was released to fight again another day. Enjoyed it guys!


WEDNESDAY – June 13th

Capt. ‘Lil John Wyatt – I enjoyed the company of the George T. party today. They had great stories, told lots of good jokes, and together we made a few good memories. It was a great day, with great people! I hope to fish with them again!

Capt. Todd Jones – Carbon-copy kind of day! With the exception of the “big Jack”, Joel, Daniel, and Kyle stepped right in where the guys left off yesterday. They produced a solid 3-man limit of trout to 20″, while releasing several more. Joel put on a one-man show for a while, catching more than the three of us combined. Good times watching a returning customer catch some solid fish. Safe travels guys! Hope to see y’all again soon!



If you’re truly an avid wading angler, then you probably just can’t get enough top water lure action during June to save your life. Tie-on a darker shade of any of the medium to large surface walkers, or a Junior-sized plug in calm conditions, in the pre-dawn moments of the day and try to get in as many shallow water casts as possible prior to the sun turning up the thermostat on the water heater.

Sandy shallows cool overnight in the absence of sunlight, but the exact opposite happens in those same shallows the moment the first rays of sunlight hit them each morning. Because the water is so shallow, the water temperature rises quite rapidly following sunrise. For the baitfish that lingered in the shallows overnight, what only moments earlier was a cool, safe haven slowly begins transitioning into somewhat of a boiling pot. Animal instinct takes over at this point and the baitfish takeoff in search of cooler temperatures that can now be provided only by that of deeper water. Sharing similar instincts for finding a more comfortable environment would be that of any of the speckled trout that may just happen to be occupying that same shallow water real-estate.

It is for this reason that wading anglers should always keep moving forward and attempt to follow the bait while wade fishing, even if it means wading in chest-deep water – put simply, “Follow the bait out deep!” By the time you make your way out to the deep water, you should have probably already switched from a top water lure to a plastic-tailed bait. This should be the trend for the upcoming warmer months.

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Capt. Chris Martin, and his wife Deb, permanently reside in Seadrift, Texas. They are the proud owners and operators of Bay Flats Lodge, which overlooks the pristine waters of San Antonio Bay.





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