Wade fishing with Capt. Nathan Beabout

After 3 wades this morning through little bait, and no bites we decided to cruise up the shoreline until we find the mother load.

We found exactly what we were looking for, but at first the fish didn’t want to play. We decided to dig in a grind on the area, with minimal boat traffic we had room to walk.

Finally, 1, then 3, then everybody was hooked up with solid 18-23” fish. Depth didn’t see to matter as long as you were in the stained water with rafts of mullet.

Best baits of the day were the Chicken of the C early on. Then as the sun got up, Blue Moon, Spicey Pumpkinseed, and Pumpkinseed brought fish to the nets.

Capt. Nathan Beabout



Capt. Nathan Beabout

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Captain Nathan Beabout has guided fishing trips and duck hunting trips on the Middle Texas ​Coast since 2007. He has fine tuned his fishing and hunting skills, and adapted to all skill levels of customers for a successful trip. Spending many days on the water every year, his knowledge and skills of fishing from San Antonio Bay to Cedar Bayou and Port Mansfield areas, has developed and can lead you to a memorable trip. Call Capt. Nathan at (210) 452-9680

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